You Love You

If you are going to think about yourself, you should think nice things.  You are the only you that you have. You really do love you deeply, so you should treat yourself well. If you think that you don’t love yourself, you should give away all you belongings. If feel like you want to keep your belongings, then you must really love yourself because you want to give yourself everything you have.

Now that you know you love yourself, your need to be kind to yourself.  You can no longer afford to think bad things about yourself.  It turns out you hear everything you think.  You tend to believe a lot of what you think, so if you believe all those bad things you think about yourself, that is no way to treat somebody you love. It is not that you are not lovable, it is that you are not good at showing your love. There’s no shame in recognizing you have been treating the person you love badly. The shame comes if you continue to do it after you realize it.  Show yourself love.

Don’t feel bad if it takes you some time to start being nice to yourself. You start with forgiveness. Give yourself a break for all the hard times you’ve given yourself. Apologize to yourself, then accept your apology and forgive yourself. That gives you a fresh start. Anytime you notice one of your possessions that you don’t want to give away, you renew your vow of love for yourself. It is really beautiful to see how much you love you. Congratulations.


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