Your Call

No matter what anybody tells you, it is up to you to decide what is true. You may be right and you may be wrong. It’s your call. Whether you feel you are up to making the call or not doesn’t matter. You make calls every moment of your life. You choose to act or not. Do you speak or not? If so, what do you say? Do you go left or right?  It’s your call.

Everybody around you has lots of opinions about what you should do.  Many people would  like to make the call for you. You may find people whom you trust. You may prefer to let them choose for you. Even if you choose to follow their advice, that’s your call.

It can seem daunting to make every call, as it is you that has to live with the consequences of every decision you make. Fortunately, you are up to the task. You act or don’t act constantly. There is nobody more qualified than you to make decisions for you.  There is nobody even capable of making choices for you other than you. Take good care of yourself. Choose what you know is right. It’s your call.


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