Your Dream

You are living in a dream.  If you don’t like your dream, then you should wake up.  Your dream though, is quite amazing. It is filled with vivid colors. It is filled with people you love and who love you.  Your dream is filled with all kinds of amazing animals that live on land and under the sea and in the sky. In your dream, you live on a planet floating through vast space. Your planet is teeming with life and the rest of the universe is devoid of life. In your dream, the rest of the universe is huge.

In your dream, the universe is made of energy, enormous amounts of energy, churning and burning eternally. Between the areas of concentrated energy there is emptiness. This space consists of incredible expanses with nothing in it at all, except for  what passes through it. It is empty because it holds nothing, it creates nothing, yet it connects everything.

In your dream, you are also made of energy, energy so concentrated, that it seems solid. Yet, unlike the rest of the immense universe, you are alive.  You can look into the sky and see stars, those massive concentrations of energy, which are so far away that the light that you see from them has travelled for millions of years before finding your eye. In your dream, you are alive and aware. You can see stars and you can imagine this entire universe. You can imagine yourself right in the middle of it.

Your dream though, is a nightmare. With all this splendor around you, in your dream, you are something totally separate from everything else that is going on.

 In your dream, you are not as wonderful as a star. Even though you have life and awareness, the lifeless star still seems more beautiful than you. In your dream, seeming beautiful is sometimes more important than being alive. Living amongst all the beauty, and feeling separate from the beauty, causes great pain. That is why the mood of your dream becomes dreary.

The dream feels real. It feels so real that waking up doesn’t even seem possible. In your dream though, people all around you are waking up. People in your dream are telling you to wake up. In you dream, you imagine the possibility of waking up.

There is no need to awaken from the dream. The dream is wonderful. Even within the dream, you can comprehend your connection to the stars. You can connect with the love that you feel for others and that they feel for you. In the dream, you can experience the glory of being alive.


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