You’re Not To Blame

Since the dawn of time, people have indulged their nasty habit of blaming each other for everything that has ever happened. There is always somebody to blame for the way things are. A problem with this blame mentality is that when you get done blaming everybody else, you end up blaming yourself. That hurts.

You may work your way up to blaming yourself, by blaming your parents, blaming your misspent youth, blaming your genetics, your height, your weight, your coordination, your moods, or your brain chemistry. No matter how long you dance around the mark, eventually you will simply blame yourself for how you are. You’re not to blame.

Unofficially, etymologically, the word “blame” comes from the root words “be lame”. In olden times, brave and stupid knights would enter into battle and belame one another with their swords and spears. In their merry melees to defend their Lord, Lady and Land’s honor, they would hack off each other’s limbs shouting, “I belame thee!” Thus causing the dishonored ones to be lame.

Each time you blame yourself, you are injuring and dishonoring yourself. When you blame others, you are hurting them and reinforcing a silly old habit. As you observe your blaming habits, they will change. You will stop chopping yourself to bits and allow yourself to continue your quest for wholeness, self awareness, and self acceptance. 


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