You’re So Cute When You’re Asleep

You don’t need to experience a total, complete awakening to feel better about your life. It is helpful to believe that you have the potential to experience a total complete, awakening. It is also helpful not to concern yourself with experiencing a total, complete awakening. If you believe that a total, complete awakening is possible, then the flip side to that belief is that you are currently, at least partially, asleep.

If you believe that you are asleep in some way, then you can give yourself a break. Look and see how cute you are when you are sleeping.  You can treat yourself with kindness and compassion, like you would a small child, and guide yourself lovingly through your slumbering life.

You can also recognize that your friends and family are also asleep. What they think and believe is really important, is not as important as they think and believe, because they are sleeping. You should see how cute they all are in their sleep and treat them with kindness and compassion too.

Once you see that you and everybody else is asleep and cute and you are filled with love and compassion for everybody, you will probably wake up. Then you will see that you are not just cute, but absolutely gorgeous.


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