Zen Hope

When the world seems hopeless, Zen can help. One of the greatest things about Zen is that it offers a simple cure for hopelessness. To get rid of hopelessness, all you need is hope. Hope on its own is not enough. If you stay up all night hoping that the sun won’t come up, you’ll be sorely disappointed in the morning. The hope that Zen provides is more like hoping that the sun will come up.

To find hope in Zen you don’t have to look any further than your self. You can look directly at your hopelessness. When you think that you are incapable of experiencing happiness, the hope that Zen provides is the assurance that you are wrong. Although we generally prefer to be right, it can be liberating to recognize that we are wrong. When you look at your hopelessness and see that you are wrong, a crack will appear in your wall. When you look at your self and see that you are capable and deserving of happiness, you immediately find a bit of happiness. The sun comes up.

When you’re feeling hopeless, you get lots of wrong ideas about your self. Zen has a long history of wisdom and simplicity that has helped millions of people look at themselves to find happiness. The world goes around. The Sun only goes down from your point of reference on the surface of the Earth. Happiness is always  available to you. I hope you see that.


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