Zen Magic

The magic of Zen can turn your hate into love. It can turn your fear into bravery and your suffering into joy. The magic of Zen can transform you into the universe. The magic of Zen is not magic. It is seeing through the tricks of the magician.

There is no trick to Zen. Zen is simple. Zen is being okay with who you are. Zen is being nice to others. Zen is knowing that you can handle any situation. Zen is finding happiness in your immediate surroundings. Zen is sitting still and looking into your mind.

Through your life, your mind has been filled with ideas about how to find happiness. If those ideas aren’t working and it seems that happiness is not available to you, then you need some magic. Make your mind disappear. Make the past and future disappear. Make your self disappear. Poof.

The heart of Zen is sitting mediation. Sit and see for yourself what is really happening in and around you. Look deeply into your experience at any moment and you will see the truth. Magic is illusion. Zen is the magic of no magic. 


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