Zen Morals

I’ve heard Buddhism described as psychology with morals. It could be seen that way, as renowned Buddhists and Buddha often recommend such actions as being compassionate, speaking with honesty, not gossiping, not killing, vowing to save all sentient beings and other such prescriptions for happiness. The difference between talking about these practices and moralizing is in the presentation.  Moralizing is: Thou shalt not… Buddhism is more like: if you want to alleviate your suffering and the suffering of others you should try…

The fundamental lesson of Buddhism in general, and Zen specifically, is to experience things for yourself.  If you try being nice and being honest, you can see what effects it has on your happiness and on the happiness of others. Based on your experience of the world, you decide what you should and shouldn’t do. Buddha found, in his experience, that acting with compassion and kindness brings happiness. It is for you to find out if that works for you.


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