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Hello, I am ZenMister.  I enjoy practicing Zen, but I am only enlightened so far as everybody is enlightened.  Having not experienced the flash and dazzle of enlightenment, I take comfort in the Zen tradition which assures me that this world is not what it appears. Actual enlightenment, I imagine, will point out to me exactly how much I don’t know.  So, in my current state of ignorance, I can write about what I think I know as I muddle on toward the great unknown.

Zen is the way to go.  It is a Buddhist practice that comes from Buddha in India, spread into China and then through the rest of Asia. The tag ‘Zen’ was given to it in Japan from where it has gained a foothold in the West.  The tradition is a series of Zen Masters who have realized enlightenment and then passed on that enlightenment on to others.  The trick of passing on enlightenment is that people just don’t get it. 

Zen is really just two things, and by two I mean one, by one I mean zero, and by zero I mean 10,000, and by 10,000 I mean infinity.  The two things I meant, are meditation and action.  Meditation is a central part of Zen practice.  If you want to learn to meditate, it is very simple.  Basically, you sit on a cushion with your back straight,  your legs crossed in the lotus position (with your right foot on your left thigh and your left foot on your right thigh) or as near to that position as is comfortable (including sitting in a comfortable chair) with your hands in your lap and breathe.  That is the perfect position to watch your mind. Watching your mind is meditation.

Action is everything else that you do. Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, etc. All those other things that you do are what I mean by 10,000 things. So, if you really get into Zen and meditation, then the two things, meditation and action, will become one thing.  All of your actions will be meditation, because you will always be watching your mind.  When those two things become one, then you will recognize that your mind is actually the entire universe.  Then the infinite has become just one. It is at that point that you disappear. And so we have zero. At that point you, who are no longer you, are filled with love and compassion for others and all you do is aimed at helping them understand that.

So that is Zen. If your really want to follow Zen, you should go to a Zen master. For now, you have found ZenMister.