A Few Words

Because all of our suffering comes from our thinking, and because we think in words, it is good practice to watch the words that we let into our minds.  People are the only creatures that use words and we suffer in a unique way. Unique in that we can have all of our creature comforts, food, shelter, and love and still think up reasons to suffer. We are also unique in that we have the ability to transcend that suffering.

To transcend our suffering we can take a break from our words. We can stop thinking. We can turn to our senses and listen to the birds or traffic. We can smell toast toasting. We can look at all the wordless wonders around us, the trees, the sky, the moon. We can feel the warm fuzziness of the socks on our feet. We can taste our tea. When our words come back to us, judging, categorizing, measuring and describing our experience, we can always watch them pass, like clouds. We tune into the wordless world where we have no wants or needs and we are perfect just as we are.

Words can be wonderfully soothing and provide beautiful experiences, share wisdom, and dislodge destructive thought habits. Words have their place, but beyond them there is peace.



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