A New Direction

Hi. My name is Peter. For the past year or so I have been writing two blogs that are essentially the same.  This one, Zen Farmer and the other Zen Mister.  I planned to keep writing the two blogs until somebody noticed that I was the same person. I thought it might be a good demonstration of the illusion of duality. Two blogs, one self. Seven billion people, one Self. Tomatoes, tomattoes.

When I started tumblr blogging, I thought I would try on a couple of different personas and write about different things, but I found that I just like to write about how to seek, find and create peace in the world. I also found that from each blog I made some significant connections to many different people. Some people felt comfortable sending messages to Zen Farmer, others to Zen Mister. That was the major difference between the blogs. The other difference is that I would write more poems and family anecdotes from Zen Mister.

Now, I am embarking on a new life journey. I have been working as a social worker in Toronto for the past 10 years and I am about to move to New Jersey to take up organic vegetable farming. As I left my friends and colleagues from my social work world, many people asked me to blog about my experience of jumping blindly into the great unknown. In every moment we die and are reborn. Each step we take is into the unknown. I’ll try to use this blog to let you know how that goes for me.


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