Addressing Depression

There is a little comfort in the idea depression is a disease and not lifestyle choice. Nobody is to blame for becoming depressed. Nobody in their right mind would choose to be depressed. Nobody who is depressed is exactly in their right mind either.  Being depressed makes it more difficult to make the type of choices that can lead you out of depression, but there are things that you can do to address your depression.

The depression lives somewhere between body and mind. The body elements of depression are things like hormones, which are influenced by diet and sleep and exercise. Placing your depression in your body makes it seem more like a sickness, like the flu. It will pass if you drink plenty of fluids and get rest.

The part of depression that is in the mind is scarier because we tend to associate ourselves closely with our minds. We think that if there is a problem with our mind, then there is a problem with us. We are not really our minds any more than we are our bodies. We are both and something else.  We are something that can recognize that we are suffering from depression and can look for causes and solutions to that suffering. Although we can’t just choose to be happy, we can choose to try things that will set the stage for our happiness. We can recognize our situation, do what we can to address the situation and ask for help when we need it.

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