All Your Fault

If you feel like everything is your fault, you can find liberation in that feeling. Imagine that everything is actually your fault. You caused the sun to shine and the wind to blow. You created a world full of joy and suffering and you chose to get right down in the mud and suffer along with your creation.

If everything is your fault, you don’t have to waste any more of your energy finding fault or assigning blame. You’ve magnanimously taken that responsibility on yourself. There is no need to get angry at others because they can’t help themselves. They only do as you please. Please.

If you are suffering and think that you somehow deserve to suffer for what others do or did, then you need a way to expel that idea from your mind. One way to get rid of that idea is to look right at it and see it for what it is. You don’t even need forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive. That is freedom.


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