Arf Arf

Talking about Zen is like a dog trying to communicate to a human that their house is on fire.  Enlightened teachers, from Buddha to present day masters, can only bark at us to alert us to our state of delusion.

We can hear the barking and understand that there is something urgent, but until we see the fire for ourselves, we don’t know what all the barking is about. All we can do is follow the dog. When we see the fire, then we know.

New ideas about how life is add to our confusion.  When we are told that there is no past and no future, that we are not separate from the universe, these ideas may replace our old ideas, but they are still just ideas. They interfere with our direct experience.

Once we suspect that there is a fire, that our habitual way of thinking and experiencing the world is contributing to our pain and suffering, it may be more helpful to sit quietly and listen to a dog barking than to study Zen. Arf, arf.


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