As You Are

You are entirely lovable as you are. People who feel unlovable underestimate both the capacity of love and themselves. These kinds of miscalculations can lead to misery. Also, misery can lead to these kinds of miscalculations. If you feel unlovable, you will feel miserable. If you feel miserable, you may feel unlovable. Many people are miserable, nobody is unlovable.

As you contemplate love, you are absolutely lovable. If you imagine somebody suffering because they feel unlovable, then your heart goes out to them. You immediately send love their way. Yet even though you can contemplate love and feel love, you can still imagine that there is something about you that is unlovable.

As you are, right now, people love you. That love may not be the love you want, or demonstrated the way you need, but just as you are, you are loved. Love is huge. Nobody is immune.


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