Attaining Enlightenment

Attaining enlightenment is for the serious practitioner.  It involves focused meditation. They say that the surest way to obtain enlightenment is to focus with all your energy on the question of what is your mind.  What is it that sees, hears, reads, types?  What are you?  If you probe your mind, day and night, with the same urgency as if you are looking for your car keys, or your wallet, then you will attain enlightenment.  In your regular meditation,  use that urgency to find within yourself your true nature. That is the prescribed path to enlightenment. There is no intellectual substitute for this experience, you must experience it for yourself.

If you do not believe in enlightenment and you want to just feel better. You can make great improvements in your moods by learning from the teachings of Buddhism.  Whether your realize your enlightenment or not, you are made of the same substance as the Buddha and all other enlightened beings.  You can still improve your life through regular meditation, practicing compassion toward yourself and others, paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and living in the present.  You are somewhere on this path right now. I hope it brings you happiness.


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