Basically Good

To let go of your worries and allow things to just be, it helps to believe that things are basically good. You shouldn’t assume such a radical belief without gathering evidence. The evidence for basic goodness is all around you. When you look at flowers, stars, kittens, candles, cuddles, you see signs of the goodness in the world. The foods that you normally eat are delicious to you. When you’re thirsty, nothing tastes better than water.  The fact that we perceive beauty in so many naturally occurring phenomena is evidence that there is basic goodness in the world.

Yet among all this goodness there is great suffering. There are people who intentionally harm others, or are indifferent to the suffering that they cause. This may seem like evidence of a basic evil in the world, which challenges the idea of basic goodness. The fact that a volcano, earthquake or astroid can wipe out a city or civilization, may seem like evidence of basic indifference.

Good, evil and indifference are all certainly present in the world. If you hate everything and live to create suffering, then you believe in basic evil. If you don’t care about anything, then you believe in basic indifference. If you want to enjoy life and help others enjoy life, then you believe in basic goodness. When you recognize the basic goodness in the world, you can harmonize with goodness wherever you find it.

When you recognize basic goodness, you are prepared to handle all of life’s circumstances. There’s nothing left to worry about.


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