Be You, Tea Full

The scholar and the Zen Master sat down to have some tea.

The scholar called the master out, “What can you teach me?”

The master offered up a cup and he began to pour.

When the cup was full of tea, the master poured some more.

Tea spilled out upon the floor, the scholar yelled “Hey stop!”

“The cup is overflowing, you’ve filled it past the top.”

The master called the scholar out, “How can I teach you?”

“Like this cup is full of tea, you are too full too.”

The master makes a mirror of the mind with his mess,

Using overflowing tea to evoke emptiness.

If you find that in your mind there is an awful lot

And you wish that things would be, somehow, how they are not;

If you think you could be more, or should be something better,

Then pour away, masterfully, and watch the floor get wetter.

If you can see, essentially, what it is that’s you,

You will see beautifully. Be you, tea full, and true.



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