Beauty is one of the wonders of the world. Recognizing beauty could be our main purpose on this planet.  Everywhere we look, we see beauty. Children are beautiful, the way they play, laugh, and spontaneously act. Nature is beautiful. We admire waves, clouds, swaying trees. There is beauty in food, amazing combinations of scents and flavors. We find beauty in touch, the soft rug under our feet, the warm water streaming over our bodies in the shower. There is beauty in sounds, in music and in silence. There is beauty in our minds. We feel love and joy and amuse ourselves with interesting thoughts.  Anywhere we turn, we can find beauty.

Beauty, like everything, contains its opposite. If beauty is anything that agrees with our sense of aesthetics, ugliness is what doesn’t.  We can’t have beauty without ugliness, or ugliness without beauty, neither is all encompassing.  They transform into each other all the time as things change.  If we are too drawn to beauty, or too repulsed by ugliness, we get lost.

Our basic state is beauty, ugliness hangs around the edges to make beauty more vivid.  If we are experiencing more ugliness than beauty, then we are thinking too much.  Our nature is beauty. We can’t help being beautiful, just like mountains.


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