Being Kind

I think that the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to be kind.  Being kind is not being a pushover, it is just being nice to people.  It is treating everybody with respect. If you believe that all people are basically the same, that we are all divine beings, then you will have no difficulty treating everybody with kindness.  If you believe that some people are more deserving than others, then you will feel entitled to treat some people with distain.

In our society we have different classes and we base our social standing on various criteria which are more complicated than our basic noble nature.  In work environments, we have workers, bosses and executives. in hospitals, we have doctors, nurses and orderlies. On sports teams, we have first string and second string players.  People of differing ranks often forget to be kind to each other.  Those ranks are all imaginary.  We are all Buddhas.

In capitalism, we think customers outrank customer service people.  People can be very rude to the people trying to serve them.  All interactions count.  It is important to be kind to everybody, all the time.

Sometimes when people are not kind to us, we lash out at the people close to us. It is especially important to be kind to the people in your home.  Being in a bad mood makes it harder to be kind, but no less important.

As a life practice, kindness, can go a long way to spreading happiness.  As you treat people with kindness you will expect to be treated with kindness.  If somebody does not treat you kindly, you will know they are suffering. You will not feel you deserve unkind treatment.

This sounds simple, and it is.  Be kind.


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