Being Nice

Being nice is probably the simplest way to happiness there is.  If you make a point of being nice to people and yourself in your thoughts and actions, you will drop your most destructive habits. If you want to learn to think nicely, you start by noticing your negative judgements of people and yourself. As you notice yourself thinking unkind things, you can just remind yourself, that’s not nice. With practice it gets easier.  When your thoughts are trained to be nice, then you don’t worry about your actions. Until your thoughts become nice, your kind actions can quarantine your unkind thoughts so they won’t spread to others.

Being nice is very easy with people you don’t know.  The difficult part of the practice is with the people who are closest to you. That is where it really counts.  That is where acting nice will get in the way of acting out your anger. It will get in the way of complaining. It will get in the way of your selfishness.

Being nice to yourself can be the most difficult. Being nice to yourself can get in the way of any number of your habits. It can get in the way of your eating. It can interfere with your sleeping. It can change the way you exercise.  When you work on being nice to yourself in your thoughts, it can change your world.

Being nice is generally easy, but if you don’t make exceptions, it can be a challenge. It’s a nice challenge. It spreads happiness.


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