Believe It

It is important to believe that you are All That. It is not so helpful to try to prove it. You just need to believe it and move on. If you spend your time trying to prove that you are something special, you will never quite believe it, which means you will suspect that the opposite is true.  You will end up creating tests. You will look for verification in things you achieve. You will seek affirmations from other people. You will look for confirmations in your moods. That is a dangerous game.

Although you may come up with 10,000 reasons why you are an amazing human being, just one stray idea to the contrary could convince you that you’re mud. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well the other way. If you come up with 10,000 reasons why you are worthless, one bit of evidence that you are spectacular will not convince you. That is, unless you absolutely believe it and then it’s game over.

Once you believe that you are fantastic, just because you are, you no longer have to prove it to anybody, least of all to yourself. You become free to let your light shine on the world, showing others what a silly game we play. 

You are All That. Believe it.


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