Boring Daddy

My daughter is sick of Zen.  If, for a second, I start to talk about the mind, my daughter recognizes that I am really talking about Zen and she sounds the alarm. “That is so boring, you’re talking about Zen”. Busted.

If I want to talk to my daughter about her mind, I have to be funny. I will talk like am her internal voice and say things like, “My Daddy is so boring, all he likes to do is meditate. All he talks about is Zen, I’d rather eat broccoli than listen to another word about Zen.” That, she likes. “What’s the big deal about thinking? I could stop my thoughts any time I want. I just stop thinking. I’m not thinking anything, I’m only thinking I’m not thinking anything, I’m not really thinking. I’m thinking about something else. Zen, Zen, Zen. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzen”

That would amuse her. It may seep in over time. I imagine she will meditate someday. I want her to be happy. She is often happy, despite her boring Daddy.


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