Boring Meditation

Meditation is meant to be boring. You sit and use your attention like a drill to bore into the mystery of existence. Because our attention is so used to jumping from one thing from another, as we settle into meditation our drill bit is dull.  When our drill bit is dull, meditation becomes dull, so instead of boring, we are bored.

Boredom is part of meditation. That’s why there are so many instructions to help you stay seated.  You can watch your breath. You can watch your posture. You can count your breaths. You can focus your attention on your forehead. You can focus your attention below your navel. You can breathe deeply or you can breathe normally. You can focus on a koan, a question like, “what is awareness?”  or “what is mind?” or “what is this?” or “what am I?”.  If you arouse your curiosity you will not be bored.  If you focus your attention you will not be bored. When your attention becomes sharp you go from dull boring to drill boring.

As you sit and bore into your mind, there is a certain excitement in knowing that you are likely to strike oil at any time. At any moment your mind could explode into the universe. If you think that though, you are losing focus and should return to a more boring boring.

Any and all emotions can come to you when you sit meditation. Boredom is one. When you feel bored, try to figure out what is bored, check your posture, check your breath, and bore on.


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