We all know that brainwashing is a bad thing, but we are all about washing our hands. If you have a dirty mind, perhaps you should wash it. By dirty mind, I don’t mean that you think too much about sex, I mean that you are distressed because of your thoughts. Meditation is a good way to rinse your mind, if not actually wash your brain. If you wake up in the morning worrying about your day, 20 minutes of meditation could make all the difference. If you are feeling good in the evening and not particularly worried, meditating for 20 minutes can be delightful. You will be refreshed.

To keep your mind clean and fresh, a regular meditation routine is best.  Each time you sit and clear your mind of thoughts you wash your worries away. The more you practice, the more polished your mind becomes and the less dust is able to accumulate.  Just sit, don’t think, grow happy.


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