Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply is the first thing you need to do to change your outlook. A deep breath can reaffirm that despite how everything feels, everything is going to be okay. A deep breath confirms that you are still alive and able to handle the situation in front of you. A deep breath can remind you that you are taking care of your most basic needs and that you deserve peace. That deep breath is a sign of hope.

Sometimes one breath is enough. Sometimes you need several. If you need several, take several. Sit and breathe deeply for five minutes or an hour. Your breath is always there for you. When you notice yourself getting carried away by a mood, take a deep breath or two and let the air out of it.

A deep breath releases the tension you have been holding. Whether you have been holding the tension for an hour, a week, or a year, a single deep breath can be the first step in the transformation of that tension. Any time you notice tension building, that breath is there for you. Irritation, anger, fear, loneliness, can all be addressed with a focused breath. If you remain alert for the onset of these feelings, you can always be ready with a fresh new breath. Whew!! 


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