Buddha Did It

If Buddha could awaken, then you can too. Knowing that Buddha did it, can bring great comfort. Buddha did it 2500 years ago and countless people have done it since.  They all tell us that we can do it too. These people, who have been There, have left all kinds of instructions for the rest of us about what There is like and how to get There.

First of all, There is here. The only difference is perception. When you believe that There is here and you are Buddha, then the mystery becomes, why do you feel like you do? Why can’t you see through your delusion? Why does life and death and good and bad seem more important than left and right?

The Buddha You, who has been There, drives you to keep looking. When you know that There is wonderful and believe that There is here, then whenever here does not seem wonderful can remind you that you are still looking. The only place you can look is here. Like looking for the ketchup in the refrigerator, it will help you look if know that it is there. If Buddha did it, It’s there, here.


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