Choosing Good

If given the choice, we should always choose good over bad. Unfortunately, we don’t even have this choice.  We get good and we get bad.  By trying to choose good all the time, like we’re supposed to, we get miffed when we still get bad.

For some people, the pressure of choosing good is too much.  They rebel and try to choose bad. They do bad things, but they’re still really choosing good.  A bank robber is doing something bad, because he or she thinks a lot of free money would be good.  They are choosing to act bad for their own good.

Good and bad are not a choice. They are two sides of the same coin.  Trying to accentuate the positive is a good practice to balance a negative outlook.  However, if you look only to the positive while excluding the negative, you will find yourself in La La Land.

You don’t always need to choose good, but you should choose well.  Try to read each situation as it is and act accordingly. Don’t get confused by good and bad, those are just made up categories. 


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