Comfortable Thoughts

If you are uncomfortable, you are not comfortable with your thoughts. To become comfortable, you have to change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is not the difficult part. Thoughts change all the time. When you are uncomfortable, your thoughts are going from one uncomfortable place to the next. When this happens, it’s time for some new thoughts. The first step in finding a new set of thoughts is seeing what thoughts you already have. Looking at your uncomfortable thoughts with the hope of transforming them is already a change. When you do that, the transformation has begun.

The most comfortable thought there is, everything is going to be alright. That thought is a good thought to turn to when the opposite seems true. Another comfortable thought is, everything is alright. That’s what parents say to kids when they are in distress. It’s ok. It’s ok. That can be a comfortable thought. A more testable thought is, everything has been alright. The thoughts, everything is and will be alright tend to contradict the immediate experience of discomfort. With the thought, everything has been alright, you can look back over your life and see all the events you have survived and all the events your ancestors endured to get you to the present moment. You can see that despite so many horrific events, you have come to a moment of hope, where you are focused on becoming comfortable with your thoughts.

When you understand or believe that everything is, was and will be alright, then uncomfortable thoughts are not so uncomfortable. Circumstances will continue to test your ability to be comfortable with your thoughts. Whenever discomfort creeps into your thoughts, observe the discomfort, observe the thought. If there is a pebble in your shoe, throw it out. If your mind is pestering you, throw it out. When you look up into the sky, your thought is the sky. It’s wide open, with lots of room for thoughts. As a bird flies by, it doesn’t leave a trace in the sky. When you give your thoughts that kind of space, the thoughts pass. Everything is ok, comfortable.


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