Consider the Source

Anything you hear, see, or read, you believe or not, depending on where you find it. Sometimes people you don’t trust tell you the truth and you discard it.  Sometimes people you love will lie to you and you believe it. We are bombarded with information and it is hard to determine what is true and what is not.  The same is true of yourself.  All day and all night, your most trusted counsel, yourself, bombards you with thoughts.  Some of the things you think and observe are true, many of the things you tell yourself are utterly false. To get to the heart of the truth, you must consider the source.

When you attempt to consider the source, your journey begins. Where do your thoughts come from? You can end this search quickly with a simple explanation. Thoughts come from my mind. They come from my brain. They come from God. They come from aliens. Whatever your explanation, that is different from considering the question. To consider something does not mean to look for an answer. To consider something is to experience an object with an open mind. Consider your hand. There is no answer.

If you go looking for the source of a river, you can follow the river back and back and back until it disappears into the ground.  That is still not the source. The river is fed by reservoirs, streams, rain, dew, the shape of the land, gravity and the Sun. There is a lot to consider in seeking the source of a river.

Consider the source of your thoughts. A lot of the time we experience our thoughts as language. Consider your speech.  You talk all the time.  You don’t know what you are going to say before you say it.  It just comes out.  You start speaking and spit out words, sentences, idea after idea, without knowing from the beginning of the speech what words you will use to convey the idea. The words come though. Where do they come from? Consider the source.

In all likelihood, the source of the words is the same source as the source of the river. Nobody is going to answer what that source is. It is the source. You can call it God, Allah, Ra, Buddha nature, mother nature, mind, tao, self, or source. Naming it is immaterial.  Considering it is the journey. As you consider the source, you connect to the source and you experience your connection to the source. Having fixed ideas about what the source is, or should be, can get in the way of your consideration. Be aware of your experience. Consider your source.


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