Conversation with Ego III

– They tell me that without you I wouldn’t suffer.

Ego: They lie. I don’t make you suffer, I protect you.

– How do you protect me?

Ego: I make you better.

– How do you do that?

Ego: I figure out everything that’s wrong with you, so that you can improve yourself.

– What’s wrong with how I am?

Ego: Are you serious? Don’t get me started.

– Do you have a list or something?

Ego: Sure, that’s what I do. But don’t worry. As messed up as you are, you’re a lot better than some people I could mention. Besides, nobody can tell how messed up you are because I protect you. I make you act normal.

– I think I’m done with you.

Ego: Yeah, I’m done with you. Let’s get rid of that stupid ego.

– Nice try Ego.

Ego: Nice try ego.

– Stop it.


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