Conversation with Ego IV

Ego: The fact that your talking to me makes me nervous.

– Why is that, Ego?

Ego: Two reasons. For one, I am you. Why am I having these conversations with myself? I’m worried that I may be crazy.

– What’s the second reason?

Ego: If you’re talking to me, it means you’re onto me.

– Why does that make you nervous?

Ego: Well, you, you’re solid.  You have a body. You eat. You breathe. Me, I’m just thoughts. I’m not even thoughts, I’m more of a thought pattern. If you are talking to me that means that the pattern is changing. It looks like I’m on my way out.

– The pattern always changes, why are you worried now?

Ego: Because you never noticed me before. I was hidden. I ruled.

– But the way you ruled made me miserable. I needed a change. That’s why I started looking. That’s how I found you.

Ego: So what do we do now? There are still a lot of things I want, things I want for you.

– That’s the problem. I want them too. Don’t worry, though. When you worry, I worry.

Ego: I still got it.

– You’re unbelievable.


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