Conversation with Ego V

-What’s the difference between you and me?

Ego: No difference.

-So are you my body?

Ego: Your body is my body. Su casa es mi casa.

– Are you the air I breathe?

Ego: When the air enters our lungs it becomes us. Yes, I am that.

– So you are my poop?

Ego: No I’m not your poop.  That’s disgusting. I’m not really your body either. I changed my mind.

– Are you my brain?

Ego: You’re getting closer.

– Are you my thoughts?

Ego: I’m kind of your thoughts.

– So if I think of poop, then you’re poop.

Ego: What’s the matter with you? I’m not poop.

– What’s the matter with poop? If you are me, you have to be all of me. You can’t just pick which parts of me you want to be.

Ego: Wait, I know what I am. I am your master. I am your god.

– Sorry Ego, you’re full of poop.


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