Damn Liar

Reality is a funny business. We have such a hard time figuring out what is true that we vilify liars. Here I am, just trying to get by in life with my limited perception, and this liar goes and tells me something known to be untrue. I then go about my life relying on completely false information. I spread that false information to all my friends. I am an honest, salt-of-the-earth truth teller, but because I believed in a lie, I mislead everybody I encounter. Suddenly, none of us know exactly what is true anymore. One stinking liar, has intentionally disconnected me and everybody I know from reality. What a cruel, nasty trick.

Of course there are times that I also lie. I have this grand idea of myself standing steadily on a pillar of purity, holding myself up for the world to admire. When the world looks closely, they see cracks in the pillar and problems with my purity. They see that I am not what I pretend to be. When I notice the world admiring certain parts of me, I puff up those parts to give a better view. When I see the world cringe at my unseemliness, I shrink those pieces away from sight. With each person and each situation I encounter, I puff and shrink different parts. With all that shape changing, its hard to know exactly what I am, or when I am lying. Its easy to know when I lie in words. I do it for that person on the pillar, or to help somebody else to maintain their pristine perch.

Part of our reality is the rampant recreation of the truth. We know that words are only symbols of an imagined, amorphous truth. Some people try harder than others to represent a truer truth. Some people are committed to maintaining that person on a pillar at all costs. The Sun shines. The river flows. People people. That damn liar on the pillar is searching for the Truth. Somebody told him it’s there (here), but its hard to know from way up on that pillar.


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