Deal With It

We have no choice but to deal with whatever is happening in our lives. That is all we do all the time. Whatever comes our way, we deal with it. How we deal with what is happening determines how much we suffer. The practice of mindfulness allows us to deal with things with a compassionate awareness, which can greatly reduce our suffering.

The practice of mindfulness requires courage and faith. It requires courage to look directly at our own and other’s suffering. It requires faith that we can actually deal with what we see and through dealing with it relieve the suffering. Mindfulness is a practice in the present, because that’s where suffering and joy occur. The present is where compassion heals.

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation and notice ourselves suffering, we can remember to be mindful and look at that suffering. That is dealing with it. We can feel compassion in our desire to heal the suffering. When we are able to deal with the suffering, we can deal with the situation. Recognizing that we can handle our suffering and our difficult situations brings immediate relief. As we practice mindfulness, we experience that relief as a moment of joy. When we find ourselves experiencing joy, then again, all we can do is deal with it.


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