Disappointment is all about expectations. It’s the feeling that you get when your present doesn’t match with the future you imagined in the past. If you are disappointed with a movie, you were led to believe the movie would be better than it was, no big deal. Movies disappoint us all the time.  If you are disappointed in a relationship, you were imagining the other person to be something they are not. That’s harder to get your head around. If you are disappointed in yourself, you likely made a mistake.

If you make a mistake that hurts somebody, say sorry and make amends. If you make a mistake that hurts yourself, say sorry and make amends. When you experience disappointment, don’t blame yourself, blame your expectations.

To reset your expectations, accept your life as it is now. Expect exactly what you have.  Expect of yourself exactly what you do. If you want change, expect change. When change happens differently from how you imagine it, expect disappointment. Disappointment is a good reality check. Reality is a good disappointment check.


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