Doing Your Best

There is nothing more you can do than make your best effort in any given moment. If you are working on being kinder to yourself, all you can do is be kind to yourself now. Being kind to yourself in this moment may involve forgiving yourself for not being nicer to yourself in an earlier moment.

If you are working on a project, all you can do is focus on that bit of the project that you can do right now. If the idea of the whole project is so overwhelming that you cannot focus on the bit that you can do now, then the best you can do right now is to clear your head.

Making your best effort is always easy in any moment. When you get distracted by projected success or failure, or concerns about being judged, then you are no longer in the moment. Your effort will not be your best.

When you are focused on the present moment, any effort you make is your best. Results will come later.


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