Where in the world do we find emptiness? If you feel emptiness in your heart, is that emptiness or something else? If you feel lonely, you are empty of the kind of love you imagine, or empty of the company you desire. If you are unfulfilled, you are empty of satisfaction. If you feel worthless, you are empty of self esteem. You are not empty. You are full of ideas. You are full of pain. Emptiness is not good or bad, it is relative.

If you have a bucket of water, it is heavy. If you pour out the water, the bucket becomes light, empty of water, full of air. Your mind is like the bucket, full of ideas and feeling heavy. Ironically, that heaviness is associated with emptiness. These are our values. We think heavy and empty are bad. Light and full are good. No wonder it’s hard to be happy.

If your heart feels heavy and empty, then you are feasting on thoughts. Your heart is full of flesh and blood. It weighs less than a pound. It is neither heavy nor empty. Thoughts have no weight, they are energy. Yet they feel massive. Your thoughts are concerned with good and bad, pretty and ugly, right and wrong, self and other, heavy and light,  full and empty. This kind of thinking leads to heartache.

When you notice an empty feeling in your heart, then try to empty your head. By just watching your mind, you can change what goes on in it. When you embrace your emptiness, the weight of the world will no longer rest on you. When you become empty of your self, you become the universe. That’s quite heavy. 


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