End of the World

I just watched the movie A Friend for the End of the World. The movie is about a man passing his final three weeks while a cataclysmic meteor speeds toward Earth. There is nothing like the end of the world to highlight just how important the present moment can be.  Although the main characters in the movie were able to find great comfort in the present moment, it was still difficult for them to reconcile their pasts and deal with the impending doom of their future.

We don’t need the world to end to notice that we have made mistakes in the past and that the future is scary. It doesn’t take a cataclysmic event to convince us that the people we interact with every day are important and have meaningful lives of their own. Of course, when we have all the time in the world, we don’t feel a pressing need to be nice to each other. With so much time, it isn’t so urgent that we be true to ourselves and actively work toward our satisfaction. If imagining the end of the world helps us recognize what matters to us, we should remember that the world ends all the time. Now is all we really have. Who matters to you?


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