We all know that we are all equals.  Not one of us has more intrinsic value than another. Sometimes we don’t feel that way.

The social game consists of enjoying each other’s company and delighting in our individuality and our common experience.

There is a subtext of enjoyment that is pure ego.  If ever you feel that somebody is better than you are, that is your ego having a go at you. It is equally as destructive if you think that you are somehow better that another person. Smarter, faster, stronger, maybe, any of these may be true. Better is not true.  That is ego.

To excel at the social game, you can watch your own mind and be alert to your habit of comparing yourself to others. You are no better or worse than anybody, try to notice when you pretend this is not true. If you keep score, you will notice  that you are either harsh on yourself or others. This is how your ego interferes with harmony.


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