Everything Is One

To see that everything is one does not take a great spiritual realization, it just takes a different approach to counting. You just look at everything and count to one. One. That’s it. That’s everything.

We are used to doing that with ourselves. We look at ourselves and we think, this is me. We know that we have eyes, ears and noses, but they are all parts of the one thing that is us. We like to look at ourselves and the world around us and count to two. This is me, that is not me. One, two. That’s when things start to get complicated. That’s when we start to worry about the part of the world that is us.

When we look at ourselves and the world and count to two, we try to grab things from the world to make them part of us. We grab people, things, and ideas. We get the idea that the part of the world that is us is inadequate, so we try to make ourselves better. There is nothing so wrong with us except how we count. When we think of ourselves and the universe and just count to one, we see that we are amazing.


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