Excuse Me

You don’t need an excuse to be who you are. That is who you are. When you suffer from guilt, it always seems like there is something wrong that needs to be excused. It could be something you’ve done, or something you haven’t done. It could be something you did on purpose or it could be something you did by accident. It could be something that somebody else did. It could be nothing at all. For all that, you are excused.

You pile yourself with expectations and other people pile their own expectations on you. Sometimes these expectations are contradictory, so by meeting one expectation you fall short of another. It is impossible to meet all those expectations. You are excused for not accomplishing the impossible.

If you suffer from guilt because you have actually done something wrong, then you are lucky, because you can apologize or try to correct what you have done. If don’t know why, but you feel guilty anyway, then you need a general excusing. You are just fine as you are, trying your best to be happy under difficult circumstances. For that, you are fully and completely excused. Carry on.


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