Extraordinary Experiences

Advanced meditation practitioners can perform amazing feats and may appear to have superhuman powers. These super powers are a funny offshoot of a practice grounded in ordinary, everyday experiences. Life is an extraordinary experience.  We are so used to it that it becomes ordinary. We grow tired of the ordinary and we seek the extraordinary. When you sit down to meditation, you should beware of the extraordinary experience.

Meditation will provide extraordinary experiences. It changes your consciousness. Even if you sit for your first time and watch your breath go in and out, your consciousness changes.  At first it feels completely ordinary, but, after years of practice, it also feels completely ordinary. Amid all the ordinary sitting, you have extraordinary experiences.  A slight shift in posture may pop an emotional bubble and you will find yourself sobbing, or laughing.  You may see through the wall you are staring at.  You may feel your body swell up like a balloon. You may be gripped with bone chilling fear. All of these experiences are extraordinary, but as your consciousness expands to include these experiences, they become ordinary as well.

We all want to have extraordinary experiences, but we have ordinary experiences. When we accept and engage with the ordinary, the extraordinary occurs. 


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