Fall Crop

We arrived at the farm almost a month ago. We have mostly organized the home and have been enjoying the fresh garden vegetables that my uncle nurtured to maturity. Each day we do a little something which leaves its mark on the land. 

My uncle departed for his new life in California last week and the renters who are living in his home arrived. They are good people and have a love for vegetables and knowledge about organic farming. They also have outgoing children who have fallen in quickly with my daughter. They are a welcome addition to our little community.

Last week we also planted the fall crop. We put in nearly 400 plants of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, collard greens and will add some Kale this week. Just as we finished putting the plants in the ground we got a nice soaking rain.

I find myself generally exhausted at the ends (and beginnings) of most days, as my body adjusts to the new regimen on physical labor.

This week, I hope to give my aging body a rest and we will head to the beach in Rhode Island today. Plants, people, energy, it’s all changing, changing, changing.


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