Feel Better

I hope you feel better. By this this I mean two things. The first is more obvious, I hope that the sad, scared, hateful or angry feelings subside and that you get to experience happiness. The second is a prescription for how to get there. Feel better by experiencing your feelings more fully.

It’s nice to think about the fact that we are all one entity, each playing our important parts, in the grand scheme of this loving universe, but this kind of vast idea doesn’t do much to help us with our day-to-day emotions. In dealing with your most difficult emotions, such as feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and self-loathing, it may be helpful to think of yourself as divided.  You can become two conscious entities. One is the suffering, miserable feeling part, and the other is the indestructible, compassionate observing part.

The feeling part does all the hard work.  The observing part asks questions and takes notes. What does sad really feel like? Where does the anger come from? How does my breathing affect the pain of this feeling? The compassionate observing part maps the feelings with a burning curiosity. Without trying to make the feeling go away, the observer watches and learns. This is how you learn to feel better. You still have the same awful feelings, but you feel them better.

The observer will learn to recognize subtle differences in the feelings. It will gain insight into the flow of emotions.  Like a surfer, it will learn to ride the waves. Then, the seas will go calm. You will actually feel better.  That is how feeling better leads to feeling better. 


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