Feelers Feeling Feelings

We are mostly just feelers feeling feelings. All day and night we feel and feel. Whatever happens around us, we have a feeling for it.  Some of the feelings occur, surprisingly, out of nowhere and the feelers just feel them.  Some feelings we are conditioned to feel. We experience a familiar situation and the feelers feel the appropriate feeling.  Sometimes the feelers notice other feelers feeling and just feel the same feeling. Sometimes we think of something and the feelers feel what they would feel if that something really happened. Although we are mostly feelers feeling, we are also thinkers thinking. That is where our problems begin.

If we were just feelers feeling feelings, the feelings wouldn’t matter.  The feelers could feel happiness, sadness, anger, fear, hurt, anxiety, excitement, or delight. They would just feel the feelings and notice the various textures. All of the feelings would be interesting and we would relish the change in feelings because each new feeling would stand out in contrast to the previous feeling.

Because our thinkers think their thoughts as our feelers feel their feelings, we have opinions about our feelings. We like some feelings and don’t like others. The thinkers think the feelers should be feeling a particular feeling when the feelers are feeling a different one. The thinkers try to make the feelers linger on some feelings and speed past others. When the thinkers think the feelers are feeling the wrong feelings, the feelers get confused and stuck. When the feelers are confused and stuck, the thinkers get stuck too. It can become messy.

To reset the system, we have to stop the thinkers from thinking their controlling thoughts and just let the feelers feel their feelings. When they judge and direct less, the thinkers will marvel at the feelings the feelers feel. When the thinkers stop thinking about past and future feelings that the feelers may feel, they won’t interfere with the feelers feeling. The feelers, left to feeling what they feel, when they feel it, will make us feel great.


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