Feeling Better

The best thing about feeling down is that when you feel better, you really appreciate it. To feel like you are in control of your life, you have to assume responsibility for all your moods.  Believe that there is something you can do about feeling down and recognize what you did to feel better. If you are feeling down, you are having thoughts that make your situation seem bleak.  These thoughts are causing you to act in a way that perpetuates your mood.  To get out of your low mood, you can work on changing your thoughts or actions. Eventually both will change, but you can will the change.  Beginning to feel better is kind of like getting hit by lightning.  Something strikes you and your outlook changes.  If you want to get hit by lightning you can’t stand on rubber, you have to be grounded.

When the idea hits you that makes you begin to feel better, take full credit for exposing yourself to that idea. Recognize what it is that you did to bring about the change. When you see that you can come and go from your moods, even a bad mood is not so bad. A bad mood compounded by hopelessness is much worse.  Once you feel better once or twice, you can become immune to hopelessness. You may not always feel great, that is not the goal, but you feel better.


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