Feeling Happy

Usually, when we don’t feel happy, we think that it has something to do with our circumstances. Something is happening in our lives that is interfering with our happiness. When regular traumatic events are occurring in our lives, that is true. When our basic needs are met, but we wish things were better, there is nothing in our circumstances that needs to interfere with our happiness. The most common circumstances that interfere with happiness are sadness, fear, stress and anger. Those conditions make it difficult to feel happy.

Usually, we look to the next circumstance to explain our happiness or lack of happiness. We don’t think that our anger is interfering with our happiness, we think that the thing that happened that made us angry was the circumstance that ruined our happiness. That is a mistake.

Our circumstance is just what happens. How we feel about it is what makes us happy or sad. If we are not feeling happy, it doesn’t mean that things are not going well for us. It means that we are feeling other things about how things are going.

If you are feeling stressed, it may not be because your life is falling apart, it may be that you are not getting enough oxygen. When you notice yourself feeling other than happy, check your airways. Take a deep breath or two. You can release a lot of stress that way. Your circumstance doesn’t change, but the breathing feels good. You feel happy.



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  1. Karis Post

    I find that the more I give, the more I have, and the less I need….

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