Feeling Now

Now is where it’s at. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of the past or future, you are feeling now. That is why everybody says that to find happiness you need to focus on the present moment. Now is when you feel.  Worrying about the future causes you worry now.  Regretting the past causes regret now. There is no getting around feeling what you feel now.  Your fear of the future is a fear of feeling pain in the future. Because of that fear, you feel pain now. Regretting the past is the same thing, you are feeling pain, so you wish you had done something different earlier so that you wouldn’t be feeling pain now.

What happens if you focus on how you feel now? When you focus on your current mood, it loses its energy.  There is nothing feeding it. If you feel bad and project that feeling into the future, you will find that you can imagine endless circumstances, which could cause you pain.  If you project the pain into the past, again, you have so many decisions, actions and circumstances to second guess that you can fuel a miserable mood for a long time.

Now is so brief that there is nothing to worry about except for your current feeling. As you explore that feeling, you only have that feeling, no story to add to its fury.  If you choose to run from the feeling and do something destructive, you will cause yourself pain in the future and you will create something else to regret. It’s best to just feel your feelings now. It’s your only option.


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