Giving Up and Letting Go

It’s so spiritual to let things go. It is so pathetic to give up. Giving up implies defeat. Letting go implies acceptance. Letting go is good.  Giving up is bad. Letting go is giving up.  Giving up is letting go.

Although giving up and letting go are essentially the same thing, there is a world of difference between them.  Letting things go is hard physically but easy mentally. It is difficult to let things go, but when we do it, we feel instantly better. Giving up is hard mentally but physically simple. It is reaching the limit of our ability and making a choice to become passive and stop striving. This choice may cause us mental anguish. Giving up is letting go of a goal or an approach to a goal. Letting go is giving up a mindset.

The difference between giving up and letting go is the difference between your True Self and your regular self. Your regular self views your experience through your ego and feels separate from and competitive with your environment. Your True Self is still you functioning as an integral piece of the universe whether you realize it or not.

If you are trying to discover your True Self, you will actively work to let things go and, as you do that, your True Self will be working on backing your ego into a corner until it gives up. Until that happens, when you are faced with a situation where you feel like you should give up, let it go. If you are struggling with letting something go, give it up.


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